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Project English helps newcomers to the United States learn to speak English through computer-based learning and volunteer assistance. Spearheaded in March 2011, seven independent locations have been established in Fargo (North Dakota) and Moorhead (Minnesota), in addition to sites in Grand Forks, ND and Bowman, ND. In the Fargo-Moorhead community, the sites are within walking distance of home for many New Americans. Each facility has one or more computers running Rosetta Stone software. Over 300 new English learners have been trained in the use of the software. More than 1,600 hours have been donated by more than 100 volunteers, both Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike. All 5 Fargo / Moorhead Area Rotary Clubs have contributed to this effort, in addition to Grand Forks Rotary, Bowman Rotary and Rotary District 5580. In 2013, the FM Rotary Clubs began a partnership with RSVP+, and since August 2013 RSVP+ has been running the organizational aspects of Project English. The FM Rotary Foundation has received generous support from donors including the Otto Bremer Foundation, LSS, the 5 local Rotary Clubs, Rotary District 5580 and individual companies and individuals.

While New American youth learn English in school, their parents have a bigger challenge in accessing English language learning resources. Project English is quite unique in that it combines the power of computer based learning (which allows unlimited autonomous language learning) with the volunteer force, providing confidence-boosting language practice. The program has been working so well that some weeks there are not enough computers to go around.

Fargo-Moorhead host sites include:

  • James Carlson Library (Fargo Public Library system)
  • Agassiz Adult Learning Center (Fargo Public Schools)
  • West Fargo Adult Learning Cetner (Lodoen Center, West Fargo Public Schools)
  • Job Service
  • Holiday Inn
  • Moorhead Adult Basic Education

Click here for a one-page flyer showing detailed information on all Fargo-Moorhead host sites

Click here to see a YouTube video depicting Project English activites in 2011-2012

Bowman, ND Public Library
Grand Forks, ND Public Library

"Rotary has been a partner with Carl Ben Eielson for many years through the English Language Learners program and Project English has been the spark that was needed to connect parents to the school and community. It's adult education but the impact has a ripple effect and it has built a fabulous sense of community." - Barbara Weber Retired Assistant Principal, Carl Ben Eielson Middle School

"I see strong families come into our community and the children learn the English language quickly. This can create a circumstance where the child has more power than the parents. Project English helps maintain the power structure in families." - Vonnie Sanders ELL Director, Fargo Public School

"Project English is an asset to the community and the parents of New American children as it helps to decrease the amount of fear when working with law enforcement." - Cristie Jacobson Cultural Liaison Officer, Fargo Police Department

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Weekly volunteers are needed to assist New Americans with becoming familiar with computers and Rosetta Stone. Group volunteer opportunities available. Contact to volunteer.


Funding to purchase Rosetta Stone software is needed to keep the momentum of Project English going. Our goal is to acquire Rosetta Stone English language licenses for New Americans throughout the United States, in partnership with service clubs and local volunteer organizers. To donate, please contact

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